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PuriFresh Ventilation Products

PuriFresh Ventilation Products are designed to provide healthy indoor air.

Ventilation is a basic need for your health, yet ventilation is poorly understood by the public.  Ventilation is often confused with circulation.  Ventilation is exchanging indoor air with outdoor air.  Circulation is only moving indoor air around the room or around the house.  Even among those who understand the concept of ventilation, some think that opening the front door several times a day is sufficient ventilation.  No!  Opening the front door will provide, at best, several tens of cubic feet of ventilation, the amount required, each minute.  You would have to open and close your front door once a minute to provide proper ventilation to your home.  

Think about that, and think about how much cold (or heat and humidity) you are letting in, depending on the season.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, think about how much pollen you are letting in.

The Window Mounted PuriFresh Energy Recovery Ventilator, exchanges heat and moisture while ventilating, so your do not let in cold in winter or heat and humidity in summer.  

If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, our PuriFresh IQAir® Purified Fresh-Air System also keeps out almost all particulates.  All of the fresh air from the Window Mounted PuriFresh ERV is directed through an IQAir® console HEPA filter before entering the room.

The advent of COVID-19 has increased focus on ventilation where multiple air changes per hour (ACH) are recommended.  The Window Mounted PuriFresh ERV can be used to provide very high ACH.  Used in a 150 sq ft room, it delivers 3.5 ACH!