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PuriFresh® Ventilation Products

PuriFresh® Clean Room

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The PuriFresh® Clean Room provides true HEPA protection from all outside particulates:

The PuriFresh® Clean Room provides a haven for people with allergies or asthma.

The PuriFresh® Clean Room uses a wooden cabinet and a high quality blower with vibration isolators, making the appliance extremely quiet. You will easily sleep with the product right next to your bed!

The PuriFresh® Clean Room can also be connected to the fresh air outlet of the PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator, using the PuriFresh® Fresh Air Duct Adapter Kit. This PuriFresh® Fresh Air System, provides the ultimate in clean, fresh, conditioned air, available nowhere else. Fresh air, conditioned to a high level of efficiency by heat and moisture recovery (energy recovery), is scrubbed of virtually all particles by a single-pass, commercial grade true-HEPA filter.

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