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PuriFresh® Ventilation Products

PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Conditioned fresh air year-round

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The PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator delivers high performance in a compact, easy to install, appliance:

In the winter, it ventilates but keeps the cold out.  It reduces indoor humidity to prevent mold growth and dry rot, but it does not excessively dry the air.

In summer, it ventilates but keeps the heat and humidity out.

The patented PuriFresh® ERV provides a clean air solution for sick building syndrome in the home or office.

With its low cost, high performance, and do-it-yourself installation, the PuriFresh® Energy Recovery Ventilator is a true energy saving device!  In many locations, the payback time in reduced energy cost is well under 5 years!  Compare this to the much longer payback time of the other Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators.  They cannot even be considered energy saving devices.

The PuriFresh® ERV can be installed in a window in minutes, as shown in the pictures on the left, or it can be permanently installed through a wall.  Because of its patented design, maintenance is only suggested once a year to clean the permanent heat exchangers.  Compare this to the three month required maintenance schedule of the other Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilators.

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We are currently out of stock.  We are assembling more, but we are experiencing difficulty in obtaining all needed parts due to the worldwide pandemic.  We hope to have more for sale in early fall 2021.  Thank you for your patience.