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PuriFresh® Ventilation Products

The PuriFresh® Fresh-Air System


The PuriFresh® Fresh-Air System combines the unsurpassed performance of the PuriFresh® Window-Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilator with that of the PuriFresh® Clean Room:

The PuriFresh® Fresh-Air System provides a haven for people with allergies or asthma, delivering 3 to 5 air changes per hour of pure fresh air to a typical bedroom.

The Energy Recovery performance of the System is so great that your room will remain comfortable even on the most extreme weather day.

Tests, in a real bedroom, indicate that the PuriFresh® Fresh-Air System performs, dropping the particulate level to clean room values in an hour and a half, while, at the same time, delivering ample fresh-air ventilation.  Click on the Test Data tab above to see the actual numbers.

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System not available at this time.  PuriFresh® Clean Room out of stock.